A brave fighter practices his best move a thousand times rather than practicing a thousand moves only once before participating in a fight. The economy is a traffic of confusions and puzzles. Marketing communications are an expensive investment so we offer a complete range of planning services. A plan that is well thought analyzed and later churned out at an admissible cost.
Market Study: At 9th Planet, we do comprehensive market analysis with useful recommendations for growth, expansion and penetration, thus assuring that market campaigns are on target.
Product Analysis: You need to analyze to realize. We examine a specific product line and offer detailed actions for increasing sales, profits, market share and competitiveness. Being advanced is being ahead.
Media Planning: Effectiveness is key. Our media planning team offers an all-encompassing communications strategy for traditional media vehicles combined with detailed usage recommendations for maximum cost effectiveness and reach.
Traffic Drivers: Your website is about to be flooded with traffic. That’s what our team at 9th Planet can do for your corporate or e-commerce site with a highly targeted and traceable approach to advertising on the Internet. We also provide specific recommendations and accurate return on investment projections.