We have made technology work for us as it has opened gates to new possibilities, thus wider opportunities. The combination of these new platforms with 9th Planet has transpired a herd of newly developed communication know-hows. We on the other hand have employed it rather meticulously by further enhancing these new wagons of marketing. We are armed for creating intensively interactive websites to high yield e-mail campaigns. Internet is the next big thing, we make it function for you to co-create awareness, sales, and profits.
Advanced Web Site Design & Development: Get the best design with zero compromise. End your search for a complete site design and production, E-business site development, programming and uploading.
Advanced Website Submission: To be seen is to be noticed without which you don’t have visibility, no matter how good you are. Our search engine optimization techniques get you higher-ranking keyword results on today’s most popular search engines. 9th Planet has a qualified and dedicated staff for our clients keyword submission needs.Drawback can now be drawn back.
Flash Animations: Creativity is endless. Our flash animators pump in an altogether effect that visually takes the viewer on a different level of amazement. Your company’s products and services can have just the most perfect exhibition in an entertaining way. Although the creativity stands out, the main message blends in.
Custom Web Databases: To add, we are capable of merging in your company’s proprietary databases with your website. Applications include product information, past purchases, order status, etc. We build a custom interface that allows easy search access to the information.
Banner Advertising: In search of buyers? Extend your brand to banner ads that act like magnets, which attract the buyers.
Web Video: Increase sales instantly or demonstrate your product the best way. At 9th Planet, we add dynamic and informative video to your website. We can digitize existing video productions or create new ones for broadcast over the Internet, thus boosting the overall outcome.
CD-ROM Authoring: Easy linkage of Interactive, multimedia product presentations with E-business websites.
E-Commerce: Today, business has a far reach through E-Commerce. We cater to both consumer and business-based websites selling products to create a friendly buying system (i.e. shopping carts) to capture business and handle the complete transaction from product selection to pricing and inventory status to payment getaway acceptance and credit approval. At 9th Planet, we have the expertise to implement a complete e-commerce system embedded into your existing website for complete flow and graphical continuity.
Live Chat: Get up and personal by attending your customers closely. Redefine customer service by installing a Live Chat facility on your existing website too. Any query, just start a live chat and get all the info right then and there. Customer satisfaction is therefore achieved instantly.
Targeted E-mail Campaigns: Competition on the digital platform is ever increasing. The sole way of succeeding with an E-Mail campaign is to design a targeted email campaign sent directly to your prospects computer. Creative and interactive elements encourage recipients to respond to offers. E-Mail Campaign types include HTML or rich-media that includes sound, video and 100% tracking of results.
eBrochures and eCatalogs: Immediate realization of something desired is the best thing that can happen. This is expected more today as people seek immediate response to their interest. Our unique approach to creating highly interactive brochures that can be sent via e-mail answer that very need. We can ideate and create an all-new or edit an existing paper brochure and convert it into one which can also incorporate sound, music, videos, etc., to add impact or offer a better way to sell your product or services.